Company logo designMartell is the well-known Cognac brand in France and the oldest and most famous brandy brand in the world. Founded in 1715 by Jean Martell, it is currently owned by Pernod Ricard, the world's second largest wine and spirits production group. In the global market, Martell's sales in China ranked third behind the United Kingdom and the United States.

Recently, Martell introduced a brand new logo and packaging designed by the Paris Yorgo & Co design agency. Since its inception, Martell has been adhering to the brewing philosophy of the founder's pursuit of perfection and innovation. The shape, color and aroma of the bottle are everywhere, and the brand culture is everywhere, even the company logo design. There is an elegant atmosphere of the old world, and there is also a modern minimalism of the new world.

Company logo designThe shields and swallows in Martell's LOGO have become the symbol of Martell's identity, which originated from the Martell's wine cellar, which is located behind a tall iron-cast gate, a vertical iron railing. On the top, the simple carved leaf pattern is dotted with the family crest emblem of the Martell family consisting of three hibiscus, which is designed to pay tribute to the oldest craftsmanship in the cognac brewing.

The swallow on the coat of arms represents a swallow that nests on a wall or a cliff. It corresponds to the French Martellet. Interestingly, in French, the hibiscus corresponds to Marteau, and both signs are punctual and homophonic with Martell.

Yorgo & Co creative director Martin Pasquier said: "When we received this project, we explored Martell's archival history, looking for details from more than 300 years of history, redrawing the swallow and coat of arms, and removing the doubles of the wrapped text. The line border and the yellow shade at the bottom of the text make the brand image more attention to detail, become more elegant, and show better craftsmanship. At the same time, we also created a special font for Martell, and developed a global corporate image brand guidelines. ”

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