Shenzhen Xicao Brand Creative Design Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design of featured brands. It is engaged in the creation and transformation of a professional category including commercial space, O2O e-commerce brand, brand carding upgrade, event image design and brand creation. Our philosophy is the understanding and practice of brand service for many years. Design is an indispensable product of this era or the future. There are many bottlenecks in business management, but we believe that it is inseparable from market strategy and planning design. Most of them are that the brand image can't keep up with the rhythm of the market, or the marketing strategy does not meet the current needs! Of course, there will be many factors, but the brand itself is the key point. In today's society, we must shape the brand's own temperament and characteristics. We have enough energy to make it a fame! It is the power that experience and professionalism give us!


The lifestyle of a group determines the level of this group. This is how to bring together a group of people with common ideas, goals, and missions.Xicao, the thinker of behavior, is such a brand design and consulting organization based on the common elite.

Brand design is a system work that is cumbersome and interesting and relies heavily on perception and experience.Xicao provides customers with accurate and creative solutions through knowledge sharing, ideas, and ability exchange.

You will see such a group in Xicao. They are mad, but not neurotic, just as they are engaged in the design of the arrogance, where every trusted eye will make you confident in your own value. As long as you have three hearts (curious, explore, confident), no matter which field you are in, this platform is suitable for you.
Working with us, you will have different harvests from ordinary people. Here we will introduce you to several representative mad people. Today, Xicao is the result of their long-term unremitting efforts.

XICAO advantage

Original system
Tailored method
The success of any brand cannot be copied
Xicao's founding "brand customization" operating system
Will replace the traditional VIS

Senior team
Well-known director partnership
Xicao adheres to high-end service standards
Xicao's well-known partners participate in the creation of the brand for you.
Rather than large-scale assembly line low-end operations

Performance verification
Many successful cases
Xicao will not give you a flashy solution
Instead, use the wisdom of design to enhance your brand value.
Success comes from foreseeing the future

20 years of research and practice will never stop

We define the brand model by studying business models.
Provide excellent brand integration solutions to make the brand develop in the long run and be more competitive!


Cooperation statement

1. Do not participate in any form of comparison activity
Xicao (China) does not participate in any form of drafting activities. Everything in the world has its value. The existence of Xicao (China) is to develop a force for the brand and to contribute to the brand's more influence. The price is not our advantage, we believe that excellent cooperation requires the full input of both parties. Only after we have been officially commissioned by the customer and received a deposit can we start our design work.

Good design requires sufficient time, full communication, understanding, analysis, and cost input. This makes it possible to tailor the design to the company and its products. We are willing to spend more energy on signing customers. If the works displayed on our website still can't reassure you, it can only explain one problem: we should all look for the next partner with common taste.

Second, no design plan before signing the contract
If you have high requirements for your company's brand planning, you can come to us! You must not be disappointed! On the contrary, if you feel that you can just do it, maybe we are not suitable for you. Our aim is to make unexpected and good designs for our customers! In order to pursue longer-term cooperation services!

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Xicao process

Consulting to understand the needs
The Xicao team will be communicated and answered by senior brand consultants, and the professional perspective will give you comfortable help.

Normal commission
Your trust is our responsibility, and we like to communicate with you every time and eagerly expect and trust.

In-depth research
Design is a problem-solving and well-received one, so full understanding and discovery is the beginning of design.

Customer interview
It is important to understand the customer's ideas and expectations, and it is equally important to sort out the direction of future work in the interview.

Expand creation
At the beginning of our creativity, we strive to spread our minds to every corner and look for every possibility.

Deepening the creation
Design requires a soul, and it is necessary to give her life in any way. This is a work full of imagination and feelings.

Review inspection
Měi gè zuòpǐn huì bèi kèhù cǎinà shǐyòng hé chuánbò, wǒmen yào fēicháng zhòngshì shèjì de kěxíng xìng jí shǐyòng xìjié. 35/5000 Each work will be adopted and disseminated by the client, and we must attach great importance to the feasibility and use details of the design.

Carefully selected
Each program is screened at the same level, and only the outstanding works that have been scrutinized and stand out are presented to the customers.

Floor execution
Strive to implement the design results perfectly, this is deeply imprinted in the minds of the design team from the first step.

Execution view
For partners, we provide the most professional advice because of her feelings and concern for her growth.

Some industry customers

Food / Health / Medicine
Da Dexing Precision Model
Zhongrong Huayin Holdings
Song De Investment
QianHai Realize
Lianxun Securities
Exhibition Group
Merchants new wealth

Business / Group / Organization
China Water Group
Bank of China
China Merchants Bank
Midea Group
Ruiling Industry

New world

Yangfan Industry and Trade
La vie en rose
Sasa International

Real estate / home / building materials
Demei Home
Point stone furniture
Dynasty furniture
Italian furniture
Fuying Central Mountain
Schönbrunn Real Estate
Zhongfa Junrong
Medical / medicine / health care
CKJ Stomatological
Big love group
Junshan Pharmaceutical

Finance / Manufacturing / Service
Da Dexing Precision Model
Zhongrong Huayin Holdings
Song De Investment
QianHai Realize
Lianxun Securities
Exhibition Group
Merchants new wealth

Consulting / Education / Culture
Health yoga
Dalian Huiren International Training Institute
Super delegation
Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau Car Model Competition
Golf Brand Forum

Modern / Ecological / Agricultural
Xinyu Tianfan
Overseas Chinese Town
Changlong Water Park
Shenzhen Happy Coast
Xi'an Langli Agriculture
Fashion / Clothing / Maternal
Urban couple underwear
Quetara Children's Wear
Eloes clothing
Yimei people underwear

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