Battersea:“Here for every dog and cat”
Founded in 1860, Battersea is a highly regarded charity. It cares about dogs and cats in the UK and other countries, and it is growing in size from one in London to three. It conducts animal rescues throughout the country and attempts to care for more than three million pets.

Until you find their new home here, whether it is new or grown up, cute or "personal", regardless of breed, background and behavior, every cat and dog who comes here will get the most professional Training and the best care.

Brand strategy
Pentagram worked closely with Battersea to develop a brand strategy, logo and visual system that would make Battersea “a sympathetic caregiver and an authority on animal welfare, creating a relationship between warmth and expertise. Achieving a balanced brand."

Naming and slogan
Battersea Dogs&Cats Home simplifies the name to Battersea to prevent charities from being misunderstood as permanent “residences” for animals. Highlighting the charity’s unconditional care for all cats and dogs, they put forward the slogan “Here for every dog and cat”.

LOGO and vision system
According to the brand concept, the new brand image retains the iconic blue, and illustrator Hiromi Suzuki created a series of hand-painted abstract dog and cat watercolor illustrations that visually convey the original intention of charity. Used by different cats and dogs, it is very flexible and easy to tell colorful stories on various platforms.
The warmth, kindness and humanity conveyed by the watercolors reduced the sharpness of the Franklin Gothic wordmark and emphasized the “authority” of charity.

A series of photographic works that put personality on the basis of emotion and complement the brand's visual identity. Through these pictures, the reality shows the personality and life of cats and dogs, captures the natural and candid moments of animals, and shows the wonderful relationship between pets and owners.

In terms of logos, the sensible and flexible illustrations match the sexy fonts, achieving a balance of brand vision, expressiveness and a sense of sex. This is a brand vision that is endowed with the soul, full of warmth and fun. Not only is it welcoming, but even more touching is the true and direct expression of the care and experience that a charity provides to human friends.

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