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XiCao Brand Creative Designs CO.,LTD

Office:B1102,ZhanTao Building,MinZhi Avenue,Longhuaxin District,Shenzhen,China

XiCao Brand Creative Designs CO.,LTD
Address:B1102,ZhanTao Building,MinZhi Avenue,Longhuaxin District,Shenzhen,China

Brand Consultant and Consultation: Mr. Du

Senior director-level team; the whole process is seamlessly connected by the creative staff, and the communication is smooth and strives for perfect works
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Senior Copywriter
Department:Brand Planning Department Number of people:2 people


Job description:
1. Write brand marketing plans, image positioning plans, new product listing plans, promotions, advertising slogans, themes, and content creativity of soft texts to ensure that the planning plans are in line with the overall creative thinking, brand and activities, and meet the unique, innovative, breakthrough and executable requirements.
2. Responsible for project creativity improvement, constantly learn and enrich the methods of planning creativity, and actively improve the level of self-writing.
3. Continuously collect non-visual creative materials and resources, and submit them regularly.
4. Love advertising, strong sense of responsibility, positive, strong communication and expression skills and team spirit!
5. More than one year experience in new media operation.


1. Excellent copywriting skills, capable of writing any type of copywriting;
2. Have the ability to plan activities and complete the planning and beautification of the event planning program under the guidance of the boss;
3. Good psychological quality, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit and sense of cooperation, able to withstand certain work pressures and challenges;
4. Familiar with the advertising operation process and have strong strategic ability;
5. Familiar with operational applications such as Powerpoint, Word, Excel, etc.
6. More than 2 years experience in advertising companies is preferred.
7. Be able to communicate independently with customers, participate in creative discussions, and ensure that copywriting and design are not out of touch.

Senior Designer
Department:Brand Design Department Number of people:5 people

1. Carry out creative design work according to the direction of the strategy.
2. Complete the design task independently and with high quality on time;
3. Participate in project brainstorming and propose creative ideas;

Job description:
1. Write brand marketing plan, image positioning plan, new product listing plan, promotion 1, 2-3 years experience in advertising graphic design;
2. Strong art background, familiar with various design software, such as AI, Photoshop, etc.
3. Tactile, clear thinking, able to express their creativity and design, can independently complete the design task;
4. Have a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork, good at communication, have a positive, efficient and enthusiastic work spirit;

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