During the World Cup, the Emperor refunded the advertisement screen, this wave operation is the classic case of the advertising circle, and what is the law of communication hidden behind this marketing feast?

The Brand Design has five points to summarize, which are hot topic, topicality, altruism, resonance and relevance.
A hot spot - borrowing
“scrounge Hotspots” is an effective communication strategy that is tried and tested. No matter how disgusting you are, it will last forever. For a brand with mature meaning, "hot spot" is a free traffic pool. Who can grasp it, who can stand out from the crowd.

Due to various reasons, "Duleis" can't invest in big advertisements, so it can only choose social media platform. It is really helpless to attract people with content, but it cleverly turns the disadvantages of environmental limitations into advantages. First of all, all kinds of solar terms, festivals, events, etc., can see it.

B topic - conflict
Brand Design said: conflict - crack the essence of marketing, Xiao Ma Song also highlights: the concept of "familiar strangeness". In brand communication, conflicts play an important role, and users will discuss, pay attention to, and forward according to the topics generated by conflicts.

The French team won the championship, Vantage began to refund, Beijing Forestry University admission notice brush frequency, Mao is not easy to endorse overlord, Changchun Changsheng vaccine incident... The conflict incidents that the masses like to pay attention to are full of drama. People use various ways and channels to find events that satisfy their curiosity to enrich their mediocre life.
C altruism - reciprocity
People are always happy with the fact that they are taking advantage of it. There are no marketing keywords that are more exciting for consumers than free.

Brand Design or talk about Vantage, this time to take advantage of the World Cup topic to take the limelight, occupying the right place and the right place, we discuss the "reciprocity" a bit, do not entangle the cumbersome refund process and the risk value of this operation. Just "the French team won, Vantage retired" has already made consumers excited. So it is destined to be the winner. However, it is worth noting that the “reciprocity” selection and acquisition mechanism is to attract and precipitate subsequent customers, and to lead to the occurrence and orientation of results. Only when the incentives are accurate and reasonable, can a powerful explosive force be generated.
D resonance - label
Why do people like to call some brands “very emotional”? Because brand image design allows them to express their own and emotional labels with products, people are willing to forward and share them.

I always meet myself in a bottle of Jiang Xiaobai, and I can always cry in Netease Cloud Music Review. These products that are labeled with emotions can always win people's hearts. A good brand seems to have seen your close friends, it knows you, and is willing to help you. Such content consumers can't like it.

E related - product

Unlike the pureness of its products to the user's self-expression, behind the launches that always make fans climax and intoxicated, there is no amazing transformation.

The hammer cell phone that claims to be the best in the Eastern Hemisphere believes that everyone will not be unfamiliar, but few people around it use this phone. First, a self-proclaimed "literary youth", "just want to make a mobile phone seriously", "we do not make money for the mobile phone", another role is a profit-oriented "entrepreneur." The "sentimental feelings" of painstaking management collapsed instantly, the powder turned, and the road turned black, leaving only a little brain powder. Love is like a dream, you should have it, but don't stare at yourself every day. Lao Luo’s failure lies in: he mistakes the feeling itself as a kind of consumer goods, and uses the user’s love for feelings to earn “hot” money, but his product’s own feelings have not reached the hearts of the people. Therefore, the creative work is done well, and the hotspots are immediately and immediately. If there is no relationship with the products in the end, it is just a meaningless carnival, which does not help the brand transformation and influence.

Brand Design Planning a marketing campaign requires insight into consumer psychology, sensitivity to hotspots, control over topics... This is a basic skill that a marketer needs, but no matter how hotspots change, How the communication channels change, and ultimately the consumer can pay for the product itself, all effective new media marketing begins with the topic, loyal to the product.

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