VI Design Company Design Logo is a product of integration of planning, architecture, space, sculpture, logic, color, aesthetics and materials. It is neither a simple text nor a so-called brand. It is unique in its integration with the environment. Artwork!

VI Design Company design logo has a simple, abstract, and overall characteristics, marked with words, symbols, symbols or markers, and at the same time is artistic, cultural, and recognizable, which is convenient for people to identify and play directions and warnings. effect.

VI Design Company signage is a visual condensate with a high degree of generality and uniqueness. Symbols are the most important part of logo design, so design needs to reflect the spirit, culture and philosophy of the company.

VI Design Company design logos to be eye-catching and impressed, need to have a strong aesthetic ability. At the same time, it can also play an advertising effect and satisfy the concept of artistic appreciation. Different occasions, places, signs and colors have different needs, and casual designers must first consider the aesthetics of the audience in their creation.

One of the important elements of VI design company design label is the color. The color must be combined with the symbol to form a whole. It is a complete logo. It has rich connotation and external performance. At the same time, different colors have different expression meanings, such as red for passion, joy, celebration, and gray for negative, deep, dark, purple is the representative of romance and love, often used in the wedding stage layout, green represents vitality, Vibrant. In terms of feelings, color can also express different meanings, yellow, rich sense of humor, symbolizing the spiritual realm of human beings, white symbolizes purity and innocence, blue is as deep and restrained as the sea. The color of the thousand purple red gives people a visually and psychologically different feeling.

VI Design Company design simple logo symbol but contains unlimited knowledge. A complete design is inseparable from symbols and colors. At the same time, it needs to have the dual characteristics of beauty and creativity. The perfect combination of the two can guide consumers at the same time. Demonstrate your own unique style, and the logo that more people can understand and read instantly is the hallmark of success.

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