The packaging design of the product is not only the first presentation of the product image, but also the first impression of the brand to the consumer, and also the intuitive medium for the communication of the brand image. The quality of the packaging directly affects the user's evaluation of the product, then a good packaging How to design?

Basic elements of packaging design

The visual image on the exterior of the package includes the composition of elements such as text, photography, illustrations, and patterns. Mainly attached to the three-dimensional graphic design of the package. Some carton faces are an integral part of the product information, but as a carton's six faces, it is a partial image. The same container label design not only focuses on a label design, but also on the shape of the label and the container, the relationship between the label and the label. So the packaging design is similar in some respects to the advertising design, but it also takes care of other aspects to make the whole package a whole.

Design of the main exhibition

A carton has six sides (common packaging). It is usually necessary to decorate five sides, and the bottom surface does not need to be decorated. They are not treated equally. The difference in display surface determines the primary and secondary of packaging design. Because the display surface is facing the consumer, the information to be presented on this surface is naturally the main message to be conveyed by the brand or product. And the design must be clear and clear at a glance, with a focus on attracting consumers. It is generally expressed directly in the form of words and close-up images. It first jumps into the eyes of consumers in similar products, and the main exhibitions also highlight brand names and trademarks.

Overall design

The main exhibition is an important image, but it is not isolated. In terms of the integrity of the packaging, it is an important part. The other side should be assisted and strengthened by the content of the main exhibition. In the rest of the design, it is necessary to consider whether the auxiliary surface has continuity, echo and other integrity. Depending on the size of the product box, the front and back sides can also be the main surface; if the width of the side is equal to the main surface, sometimes the same design is used to become the same "main surface", no matter what angle All have a unified feeling. The front and back sides can also be used. The side of the packaging design shows the explanatory text of the ingredients, functions, weights and instructions for use, the shelf life, and the batch number of each administration. There must be a connection and a difference, which creates continuity and reflects the professionalism and quality of the product.

Finally, a good packaging design needs to be considered more than this, but also according to the physical properties of its products, product shape and transportation, and secondly, the color matching should pay attention to the selection and use of color, the form of the text should be in harmony with the graphics. Matching, the design should give people a refreshing feeling.

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