1. What is a generic brand logo design?

The figurative brand logo design expresses the connotation through objective images. The designer highly refines and generalizes the original form of the objective object, and grasps its spiritual connotation through certain artistic methods. Artistic creativity for the best visual effects.
2. Representational brand logo design charm

Easy to understand, easy to spread:

Simple and easy to understand design can be easily spread. If a brand logo design can't form a memory point, he will be a failed design.

The combination is rich and varied, and the style is strong:

The uniform design style will cause visual fatigue, and the brand logo design directly affects the interests of the company, so it must be unique, with high recognition and independence to adapt to the fierce market competition. At this time, the iconic brand logo can play a unique artistic style. .

Vivid and intuitive, appealing:
Long articles are not as straightforward as a simple picture. The influence of visual factors on psychology is irreplaceable by words. People accept it and generate emotional resonance in consciousness.
3. Application of figurative brand logo design

Ideology: Directly express the meaning of brand logo design with the image of the giant image.

Symbol: The graphic of the appliance image indirectly expresses the emotion or meaning associated with it.

Refactoring: Create with several different elements and combine them into a new brand logo design.

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