Xicao Brand Design Company talked about the importance of the brand and the basic principles of VI design. Today we have to talk about a small thing in the brand system. He is the most intuitive presentation of the brand image. He decides whether the consumer can remember instantly. Peugeot, who lives in the brand, is the gateway to the brand value. He is the brand LOGO.

Some people say that if a fire burns all of Coca-Cola, it can also make a comeback with its logo. Because his logo has been printed in the minds of consumers, this is an intangible asset, the value of this asset is incalculable! It is clear that the quality of the brand logo design is important to a company. Whether it is visual brand communication or the cultural output of the brand, LOGO occupies a pivotal position. A good LOGO is not only The face of the company is also the best way to distinguish it from competitors.

So how can we determine the quality of a LOGO?

As the saying goes: The layman looks at the doorway and the insider looks at the excitement. So in the eyes of laymen, it is good LOGO to see what you can remember! A seemingly simple condition, but the process is only understood by the insider! Today, Xicao Brand Design Company will take you to judge the quality of brand logo design with the eyes of an insider.

First, the brand logo design should have a meaning. The classic Chinese bank LOGO has an impression compared to everyone, let's take a look at the meaning:

First of all, it can be seen at first glance that the LOGO of the Bank of China is an image of the ancient Chinese coin in the outer circle, expressing both its traditional Chinese attributes and its industrial attributes;Secondly, with a Chinese character, echoing the "Bank of China", highlighting its concept of China, and also triggering Lenovo's "Chinese coin";

Finally, the logo is expressed in the form of a circle, and it also expresses the international nature of Bank of China's global orientation.

Second, the font and color of the brand logo design The choice of font design and color is often that the image displayed is the expression of brand culture temperament. For the more representative expression, here are two representative brands of Microsoft and Coca-Cola. Microsoft's font design fits its rigorous and mature industry attribute traits, with strong glyphs and black collocations. The first feeling for consumers is calm, heavy, rigorous, plus a clear name of the company and a little distortion, a keen The corporate image of rigorous R&D is presented to consumers, and the unique calm atmosphere gives a sense of security.

Coca-Cola's font design fits the attributes of its consumer group, with elegant, lively, beating font design, clever interspersed form, and then with vibrant red performance, releasing the brand's wireless vitality, this form of expression will feature The expression of cultural temperament is the most vivid, and it has also narrowed the distance from consumers.

Third, the integrity of the brand logo design

There are many manifestations of LOGO, but in the final analysis, the graphics or words, regardless of the form of expression, should be close to the characteristics of the enterprise, highlighting the differences of the enterprise. The choice of graphics should be associative and easy to remember. Consumers can remember at a glance and can see the industry attributes of the brand at a glance. At the same time, the color and collocation of the fonts should express the characteristics of the corporate culture. To be in line with the public aesthetics, to have a visual focus and to be interrelated, giving people a sense of unity and unity.

With the development of science and technology, people's living standards have gradually improved, and consumers' brand awareness has been continuously enhanced. Many companies with strong brand awareness have upgraded their brand image in response to changes in the market and the improvement of consumer groups. LOGO is the first to be upgraded, because only the beautiful brand logo design can attract users, so that users can have a crush on your brand; the connotation of LOGO can let users know your brand and remember your brand.

For enterprises, LOGO is the core of corporate image and the soul of enterprise development. Today, brand logo design has slowly become the most important intangible asset of a company. Because, letting a user remember that your business name is far from being ingrained like a LOGO, Xicao Brand Design Co., Ltd. is a brand design company dedicated to brand planning, dedicated to making the companies it serves more Market competitive advantage!

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