The word "brand" comes from the ancient Norwegian word "Brandr" which means branding.

Initially, people branded the way to mark private property such as livestock that needs to be distinguished from others. In medieval Europe, craftsmen used this branding method to brand marks on their handicrafts so that customers could identify the origin and producer of the product. This creates the original trademark and provides a guarantee for the consumer while providing legal protection to the producer, which is the initial stage of the brand.
With the passage of time, with the help of brand image design companies, the commercial competition pattern and the shape of the retail industry are constantly changing, and the meaning of brand bearing is becoming more and more abundant. The brand is derived from trademarks but higher than trademarks. How to understand this sentence, for example: China is composed of fifty-six ethnic groups. If the "Han" is regarded as a trademark, then the "Yanhuang descendants" is the brand, because the trademark is in the hands of the enterprise, and the brand It is the image of abrand image design company that helps companies imprint in the minds of consumers.

Brand is a comprehensive image that reflects culture, value and quality.
How to shape the brand image
Understand the meaning of the brand, then how do we shape a good brand image? Xicaobrand image design company gave the following suggestions.
The first thing to do is to differentiate and have characteristics. Han people in other ethnic minorities can be recognized at a glance, depending on appearance, dress and talk. This is the case with people, and the brand should be like this. If you can't be different, how can I find you in the crowd and then give you the opportunity to impress me. The difference in branding is reflected in whether consumers can remember you at the first sight of the same type of product. For example, Jiaduobao in herbal tea. However, Xicao brand image design company reminds, remember not to be different for different, must have their own value characteristics.

Second, to occupy the minds of consumers, consumers must be allowed to identify with the information conveyed by the brand. Xicao brand image design company summarizes the characteristics of McDonald's: McDonald's uses positive positive energy words such as fast food, young people, and sunshine to express its brand culture, whether it is from product design, event management and public relations maintenance. Attributes are built, so you will see that McDonald's ads are always a group of young people with sunny smiles and positive optimistic images. By leaving consumers with a positive, young and optimistic impression, McDonald's has successfully captured the minds of young consumers.

Finally, Xicao brand image design company also said that the quality of trust, the Haier refrigerator incident, the emergence of a quality-oriented super appliance brand, so want to shape the consumer's trust in the quality of the product, must be from the enterprise The current development considerations, do not pursue the propaganda, if the product and the brand have a gap, then this is fatal, have a good brand strategy, but also have good publicity and creativity, but if their products and capabilities do not meet the requirements, Unable to practice brand promise, this will cause inevitable losses, the higher the brand reputation, the more customers, the more disappointment, the brand reputation will be greatly reduced.

Brand image

The brand is the soul. Choosing the brand image design company is the starting point for success. Because the visual image is the medium of communication and the expression of the image of the brand image, it can effectively provide the best recognition for the majority of users and consumers, especially For brand products of different companies, it is very important to carry out professional brand image design for their brand products.

Xicao brand image design company believes that excellent brand image often has distinctive personality, visual impact, easy to identify, remember, guide, promote consumption, and produce a good association, which is good for stand out among many commodities. The design of a brand image is the beginning of a consumer's understanding of a brand. There is no memory point, no interest, no desire for consumption, the first impression of the brand image, the first feeling, whether it is attractive or not, often plays a decisive role.

Xicao brand image design company is always guided by brand culture, focusing on brand value, bringing together the characteristics of marketing communication, dedicating to designing a more recognizable brand visual image and conveying support for the brand; always reducing the memory of the brand target group Cost, providing the most effective differential branding advice as a guideline. Successfully plan and design more successful cases in the industry.
Xicao brand image design company is the best choice for your brand appreciation!

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