Guangzhou Dynasty furniture store design

Hong Kong Dynasty Furniture Group is one of the largest manufacturers of panel furniture in China. Hong Kong listed companies are well-known brands both at home and abroad. It has developed at the fastest speed in the industry for 7 consecutive years and is distributed in more than 400 cities and regions across the country.

Service Content :    Brand image design store design exhibition design
Date of Creation :    2001.02.16

After the closing of the store incident experienced by the Dynasty Furniture, the brand image has been branded and brand VIS design upgrades.
This multi-year Hong Kong listed brand is now facing a very embarrassing brand vision problem, and it is a grass-roots design and design from brand culture to brand store system!

exhibition design

For furniture companies, a specialty store is a business card in which the brand occupies the market.
The positioning of a specialty store is equivalent to product positioning, so Xicao Creative Design has planned four series of style design and implementation. The Dongguan International Furniture Fair won the Silver Award. After that, the Dynasty Furniture opened the national franchise store investment.

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