Shenzhen Bangkok No. 1 Hotel Management Company Brand Update
Shenzhen No.1 Hotel Management Company, Shenzhen, is an independent brand operation management company tailored to serve the Asia Pacific region. In 2010, it officially launched its market expansion strategy in China.
The first hotel management company in Shenzhen, which is based in the famous hotel group of the East, has accumulated rich experience in key markets and business models. It has strong system advantages in luxury hotel engineering technology, marketing and service, and has excellent excellence. The ability to generate income.

After the opening of the Dalang Store under the No.1 Hotel in Bangkok, it will become the first boutique hotel in the Dalang Area and even Longhua area to carry international five-star hotel services and facilities, providing five-star foreign-related hotel services.

Let the guest experience the consumption of the boutique hotel to enjoy the international five-star service. For this reason, the hotel urgently needs to upgrade the brand. Because the creative team and design concept of Xicao brand have been highly recognized by the management of No.1 Hotel in Bangkok, we found us. Conduct this cooperation.

Client's Name :    BANGKOK ONE HOTEL
Service Content :    Brand design vi design
Date of Creation :    2017.10.08

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