Shenzhen Rejing International Property Management Company

Because Regent International is located on the south side of Entrepreneur Road, the southwest side is adjacent to Hongfa area, the southeast side is adjacent to Xicheng Shangzhu, the north side is Futong Good Mong Kok and Tianyue Longting, which are located in the core residential area group, so Regent ·Xincheng is the center, and the heart has three meanings. First, the heart is the central area, the center of learning with heart, the new shopping center, etc.; Second, the heart and the homonym are new, new and old new meanings new model and business philosophy To shape a brand new training-led brand image. Third, it contains signals of confidence, peace of mind, peace of mind, heart, and positive. Therefore, the heart city will be easily recognized by the public in understanding! Easy to remember and easy to spread.

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Date of Creation :    2016.10.05

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