Zhaoyin New Fortune Brand Image Planning Design

China Merchants Bank is a brand of China Merchants Bank. With continuous financial innovation, quality customer service, stable business style and good business performance, China Merchants Bank has developed into one of the most influential commercial banks in China. In the comprehensive rating of the CBRC's commercial banks, China Merchants Bank has been ranked among the best in the past years. At the same time, he was awarded the "Best Commercial Bank", "Best Retail Bank", "Best Private Bank in China", and "China" by the authoritative media such as Financial Times, European Currency, and The Asset. The best managed professional bank "multiple awards. In the global financial market price rankings published by the Financial Times, China Merchants Bank ranked first in terms of P/B ratio among the 50 banks with the largest market capitalization in the world. Ranked 60th in the 2011 "Top 1000 Global Banks" ranking published by The Banker magazine. CMB New Fortune promotes the refinancing of listed companies to create a platform!

Client's Name :    ZHAOYIN NEW WEALTH
Service Content :    Logo design brand positioning
Date of Creation :    2017.05.18

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