Dongguan Jiuyi clothing textile brand vi design

Jiuyi clothing is an old brand, but since the initial company did not attach great importance to the brand's external image, it has not been discovered by the market for a long time. In this case, the entrepreneur only does some sales models of foreign trade and wholesale. However, as a company with a large scale, it is not enough to develop. This era is about brand, imitation brand, brand building. So long time, the management found the grass brand design through the network to create a brand new brand image for its packaging. In order to stand in the industry and stand out, we should not pay attention to the brand-influenced companies, and inject more tenacious vitality into the brand. It is the responsibility of our professional brand-shaping company!

Client's Name :    LONG TIME CLOTHING
Service Content :    Brand image shaping VI system execution
Date of Creation :    2017.06.20

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