DCOP think tank

Since the implementation of the national brand plan, many domestic enterprises have participated in the brand plan, and they want to stand out from the tide of the brand. The national drive makes the awareness of Chinese brands gradually clear, and it is not easy to create a brand acceptable to the modern market. It must be a professional strategic plan placed on the top level to plan, not blindly follow the trend from no cognition, no planning, no professional boost to build the brand. There are countless companies that have been brushed down by the so-called brand plan, both losing money and hurting the body. For more than 20 years, Xicao Brand Design Co., Ltd. has created a “Top Orange Strategic Think Tank” tool in multi-brand and multi-latitude combat, which is designed to be a 360-degree booster from brand to brand. Fully drive the professional problems of layout and opening on the road to corporate branding. Help the company to take it to the next level

Service Content :    Strategic layout and opening, cultural grooming, brand positioning, brand management, etc.
Date of Creation :    2019年01月01

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